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Wood Flooring Four
Jul 28, 2017

Product standardization: The standard is the scientific basis for the production and operation of enterprises, any enterprise not according to the standard production and operation are non-standard. From the implementation of the standards, the overall is good, large and medium-sized enterprises products and brand product quality is stable, small enterprises still have a gap in product quality.

Standardization of Business behavior: the standard of management reflects the overall level of the industry. According to the survey, some enterprises exaggerated product function, one-sided emphasis on a certain index and ignore other indicators.

Product function Diversification: With the increasing demand of people and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, to meet the different classes, different needs and different places of new products emerging.

After-sales service systematization: Wood flooring itself is a system engineering, product production is only completed the entire project of 1/3, the other 2/3 also has paving and after-sales service. By strengthening the guidance of enterprise after-sales service, large and medium-sized enterprises are basically a set of well-established and effective production, sales, paving and after-sales service system supporting systems.

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