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Wood Flooring Development Trend
Jul 28, 2017

The construction industry will become one of the pillar industries of China's national economy. With the development of the construction industry, interior decoration will have a greater development, and wood flooring as an important material of interior decoration will also be developed. It is predicted that the annual growth rate of China's wood flooring market is about $number. Taking laminate flooring As an example, the market for more ground cover materials has been obtained because of its higher performance value. By 2002, Laminate flooring will be more than 10% of the floor covering the market, the total market capacity of 90 million square meters; by 2005, Laminate flooring will be more than 15% of the ground cover materials market, the total market capacity of up to 150 million square meters. Laminate flooring in the next 5 years will maintain a double-digit development speed, from the introduction of market prices, brand war ship will inevitably. The domestic level of laminate flooring will also be greatly improved, by the average of less than 50% of the product localization to 80%.

China's future wood flooring industry will be developed along the following lines:

First, to scale, standardization, science and Technology, environmental protection, service-oriented development.

Second, through scientific and technological means to gradually improve the use of wood flooring function, improve the dimensional stability of the wood flooring, so that the wood is more wearable, beautiful, fire-proof, water-resistant, anti-static and so on.

Third, solid wood flooring surface processing will appear in various forms, such as the use of high wear-resistant superficial paint or use of wear-resistant transparent material for the surface.

Four, composite wood flooring (reinforced wood flooring and parquet collectively) will become the wood flooring industry development trend, composite wood flooring in the future, the main way of composite wood and other materials, high-quality hardwood and fast-growing wood compound, high-quality wood scraps and small-diameter timber through the processing into specifications and composite flooring, not the raw materials through the modification of processing into the floor, high-quality flooring composite, high-quality wood and wood-based panels, such as composite. Composite wood flooring can not only effectively save wood resources, but also has environmental advantages, I believe that with the development of the world environmental protection trend, the composite wood flooring will be faster development.