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Precautions For Use Of Wood Flooring
Jul 28, 2017

1, first of all, we need to pay attention to the floor is installed after the need to place two weeks before check-in. A room that doesn't live long or often, a few pots of water should be placed in the room and the water should be maintained, or humidification machine should be used to make up for the water evaporation due to the opening of the indoor heating; the rainy season in the south should be strengthened, and the indoor environment should not be too dry or too humid to prevent the cracking, shrinking or swelling

2, daily life needs to keep the floor dry and clean, dry soft wet towel wipe floor, dry area in the north, dry season can be wet cloth wipe floor, in the South climate humid place, should not use wet mop floor or directly clean water.

3, in order to maintain the beauty of parquet and prolong the life of paint, every one or two months to play a wax, waxing before the stain clean, and then evenly daub the surface of the floor wax, slightly dry with a soft cloth to wipe, until smooth and bright.

4, ordinary life also need to effectively prevent the sun exposure to the floor, effective to avoid paint long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation, because the explosion sunscreen will cause the ground floor early aging, cracking. Avoid home appliances hot and cold wind blowing and baking floor.

5, prevent rainwater soaked floor, to prevent the balcony, bathroom, kitchen, such as overflow water, travel or water supply when you shut off the faucet, especially not with the hot air, therefore, heating pipe in hot water do not spill to the floor, once the occurrence to dry.