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Floor Defect Exposure
Jul 28, 2017

5 of the floor defects: affected by the weather and humidity, need regular maintenance, water after the easy deformation and warping, formaldehyde release, the service life is relatively short.

Wood flooring does have beautiful natural, comfortable feet, good insulation performance of the advantages of, beautiful things often need to pay more labor, wood flooring easy to warp up, how much formaldehyde release amount, health hazards. Not easy to take care of, but also often waxing to do maintenance.

Ceramic Tile 4 defects: Home use comfort, thermal insulation poor, the use of regional limitations, individual tiles will have radioactive pollution, high cost, paving complex, construction cumbersome, only work hours will be $number yuan/square meters. The tiles are the soles of the feet and feel less warm. Particularly in damp weather easy skidding, and the use of tiles is limited by areas. Glazed tile Unit price of about 30 yuan per square meter, a brick about 50 yuan per square meter, the current domestic floor tiles, high prices of up to 500 yuan per square metre. In addition, the need for paving ancillary materials and labor costs, about 35--40 per square metre.