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Floor Advantage Comparison
Jul 28, 2017

Floor of the 4 major advantages: beautiful, durable, better comfort, the use of geothermal heat insulation performance, price is slightly cheaper, and the construction of simple, free installation. Advantages Detailed: Flooring with beautiful, durable characteristics, natural wood species, can be a good performance of a person's life. Ground can make people feel uncomfortable feet, wear large public places in order to ensure ground wear-resistant life, have to choose the hard ground materials, and living quarters, such as the use of flexible wood flooring, not only to make feet feel comfortable, but also greatly reduce the impact of the noise on the floor, fundamentally solve the problem of excessive noise, so that the room more warm and tranquil. In general, the high-end brands of composite wood flooring products in the price of 90 to 120 yuan per square metre. Middle-grade brand tiles in the price of 150 to 250 yuan per square metre. The wooden flooring installation method is simple, the dealer's price contains auxiliary materials and construction labor costs, so it can be free installation.

Ceramic Tile 5 Big advantages: Easy to clean up, simple maintenance, not easy to hide dirt, no air pollution, long service life, generally can be used for 10-20 years, fire, waterproof, anti-corrosion performance, environmental protection, modelling rich. The advantages are detailed: If you want to be convenient enough, choose the floor tiles. In any building materials market, there are various sizes, various colors and various types of tiles sold. With a piece of floor tiles can spell out their vision of family life. And the floor tile is very convenient to take care of, sweep a sweep, wipe a rub can be very clean. Tiles do not have to worry about being wet or scratched by hard objects.