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Wood Flooring Precautions
Jul 28, 2017

1, substrate density and inner bonding strength------------------------strength---------------------------------------

2, the thickness of water absorption---to be less than equal to 2.5%, the smaller the swelling rate of water absorption, the better the moisture resistance of the floor;

3, Formaldehyde release---Must choose as low as possible, because the higher the temperature of formaldehyde released more, in the relatively closed room plus other items (such as large core board, etc.), the release of indoor formaldehyde may be exceeded, the human body.

4, heat conduction coefficient----few brands in the market can provide heat conduction coefficient, consumers should pay attention to when buying. For example, the thermal conductivity of geothermal floors by the Korean Building Materials Experimental Research Institute issued, Kolas International inspection institutions approved, the test report showed that the average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, the floor of the thermal conductivity of 0.118w/m. K, heat conduction can be achieved well and the heat is maintained over a long period of time.

5, installation Procedures---"three-point floor, seven-point installation", laying the geothermal floor needs to pay special attention to the method, thus ensuring the floor in the temperature of repeated changes in the safe use.

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