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Wood Flooring Installation FAQ
Jul 28, 2017

1. There is an empty drum noise is caused by fixed, mainly the wool plate and keel, wool plate and floor nails are less than the number or nails, and sometimes due to the moisture content of the plate caused by the shrinkage or the lack of plastic fluid. Therefore, it is very important to strictly test the process of water content and adhesive quality of plate. Before the test can be used, the installation of nails should not be too little.

2. The main reason for the surface roughness is the grass-roots irregularity or the bulging of floor strips. In the construction, the application of horizontal ruler to keel surface leveling, if uneven mat wood adjustment. The keel shall be ventilated with small grooves. 10 mm ventilation gap should be set aside from the wall surface. Insulation layer materials must be dry, to prevent the board damp after the drum. The flatness error of the wood floor surface shall be within 1 mm.

3. Apart from the installation of irregular cracks in the construction, the width of the plate size error and poor processing quality is also an important reason.

4. Local warping of the main causes in addition to the board damp deformation, but also the wool plate stitching is too small or seamless, use, water pipes, such as leaky blister wetland board caused. Floor coverings, brushing floor paint should be complete, daily use to prevent water flow into the bottom of the floor, to timely clean up the surface of the reservoir.

5. Flooring in the cutting process should use environmental protection tools to avoid harmful substances sawdust, dust, formaldehyde caused by harm.

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