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Solid Wood Flooring
Jul 28, 2017

Solid wood flooring in the maintenance, must pay attention to keep the floor dry, clean. Generally, the floor moisture content is generally kept 8~13%, such floor under normal circumstances, generally does not have the problem. But the laying and improper use will also cause the quality of solid wood flooring problems, such as the laying of moisture-free treatment, water soaked or with alkaline water, soapy water scrub, this will damage the brightness of the paint; the bathrooms and rooms were not properly segregated; summer did not pay attention to pull the curtains, so that the floor of the window before the scorching sun exposed to discoloration after exposure, or air conditioning temperature is too low, so that the daytime and night temperature changes too large, causing the floor swelling or contraction too intense and cause deformation and cracking.

Flooring in the use of the process, if the individual floor is found to rise or fall off, the floor should be picked up in time, shovel to the old gum and ashes, coated with new plastic, compaction; If the individual floor paint film damage or white, can be used No. 400 water sandpaper dipped in soapy water, and then wipe clean, after dry, local complementary colors, color dry, and then paint a painting, drying 24 hours, with NO. 400 water sandpaper polished, and then rub wax polishing. Once a month wax is also the best way to maintain, but before waxing to dry water vapor and stains.

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