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Problems with wood floors
Jul 28, 2017

First, the production enterprises exaggerated the product function, one-sided emphasis on a certain index and neglect other functions, to mislead consumers.

Second, three no products on the market (no production enterprises, no trademarks, no production standards) and counterfeit inferior products more, such as made posing as imports, unlicensed products to fake brand-name products, without wear-resistant floors of the floor, such as wear-res

Third, the market after-sales service system is not sound, there is a widespread sales of light laying phenomenon, enterprise product introduction and laying instructions are not standardized.

Four, the market on the name of wood flooring is quite confusing, merchants to promote sales, sometimes the same tree wood from different commodity names, and prices are not the same, seriously damage the interests of consumers.

Five, some wood flooring sales staff quality is not high, the basic knowledge of wood flooring, basic performance is not enough.

Six, the recent domestic wood flooring frequent bursts of formaldehyde, some big brands are also immersed in it, the health of the impact is very serious. It is not much better to solve this problem, in which the new breed of forest wood is better

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