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Composite reinforcement
Jul 28, 2017

Composite laminate flooring is a multi-layer structure, because of the special structure, the materials, properties and requirements of each layer are described as follows:

1. Surface abrasion Layer

Surface wear-resistant layer is the image of the wear-resistant surface paper, the floor wear-resistant mainly depends on this layer of transparent wear-resistant paper. Surface paper contains aluminium, silicon carbide and other high wear-resistant materials, its content is proportional to wear resistance. But the content of wear-resistant materials can not be too high, generally not much less than 75g/m2, otherwise because of its cover effect will affect the clarity of the lower decorative paper. At the same time, the hardness of the tool and wear resistance requirements are correspondingly improved.

2. Decorative Layer

Decorative layer is actually a computer simulation of the production of printed decorative paper, generally printed with the imitation of precious species of wood or other patterns, paper for refining wood, cotton pulp processing, requiring whiteness of more than 90, water absorption rate 25mm/10min, have a certain degree of coverage to cover the color of the dark cushion layer paper and prevent the lower layer of resin through to the surface. Commonly used titanium white powder containing 5%-20%, quantitative 100g/m2 about the titanium blank. Fig. 4-4 Composite Laminate flooring structure

3. Buffer Layer

The buffer layer is to make the decorative layer have a certain thickness and mechanical strength, generally Kraft paper, its quantitative for 60-125 $literal, the thickness of 0.2-0.3mm.

4, wood-based panel substrate

The composite laminate flooring has two main types, one is medium and high density fiberboard, the other is a special particleboard with wood shavings. At present, the majority of the composite laminate flooring sold in the market is based on medium and high density fiberboard. As the floor and other decorative materials compared to the use of relatively poor conditions, so the substrate of the resistance to moisture, deformation, compressive resistance and other requirements of high, the quality of the base material to a large extent determines the level of the floor. When MDF is used as the base material of laminate laminate flooring, the technical indexes must conform to the requirements of table 4-6.

5. Balance Layer

The bottom layer of composite laminate flooring is to make the plate symmetrical in structure to avoid deformation and use the balance of the surface decorative layer of paper, in addition to the installation of a certain amount of moisture. Balance paper for drifting or not drifting Kraft, with a certain thickness and mechanical strength. Balanced paper impregnated phenolic resin, the content is generally more than 80%, with a high humidity resistance.

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